Policy recommendations:

  1. Impacts of Covid-19 on migrant essential workers in the UK
  2. Impacts of Covid-19 on migrant essential workers in Scotland

Information resources:

  1. Accessing healthcare in the UK
  2. EU citizen advice to claiming benefits in the UK
  3. EU migrants: A toolkit for employers

Guest blogs:

  1. Narkowicz K and Piekut A (2022) Polish key workers feel unwelcome in the UK thanks to Brexit plus Covid. Open Democracy. November, 16.
  2. Trevena P and Grzymkowska M (2021) Addressing vaccine hesitancy among the Polish community in Scotland. The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) Spotlight. September, 14.

Findings blogs:

  1. Our online survey
  2. What essential work do Polish migrants in the UK do?
  3. Vaccine hesitancy among Polish migrant essential workers in the UK
  4. Covid-19 impacts on mental health

Relevant research:

  1. Trevena P, Gawlewicz A and Wright S (2022) Addressing the needs of Scotland’s migrant and minority ethnic populations under Covid-19: Lessons for the future. Project report. University of Glasgow, Glasgow.